A base camp program that offers everything from traditional small boat sailing to jet skis and deep-sea fishing! 

During your week you will have the chance to pull giant grouper from 25 miles off shore, sail a sunfish across historic Blount’s Bay where Blackbeard is from, hold on for dear life on a tube, grab massive air on a wakeboard, or speed across the Pamlico on a jet-ski, plus a lot more!

Generally you will have two sessions each day, and an optional twilight activity. The morning session runs from 9-12 and the afternoon 2-5. The times may shift depending upon weather, or the activity, but will remain a three hour block for in-camp programs. Twilight activities vary in length and are optional.

Building the schedule together as a unit is an important part of coming to PSB. Before camp starts other activities may be added and as such the unit leader will be notified. Once the initial itinerary is complete please mail it to the director for approval.